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Voter I.D. Coalition

NBLSA Press Release

NBLSA has partnered with the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Rainbow P.U.S.H. to combat the new restrictive Voter ID Laws.

25% of eligible African-American voters do not have qualified photo ID.

States across the country have implemented restrictive new laws about Identification in the voting process. Fraud is not endorsed, but having a Photo ID does not prevent any impersonation. These new laws are costly and according to statistics, amount to discrimination against communities we serve.
The Map of Shame

Student Environmental Action Coalition

SEAC Mission Statement

"Build a network of diverse grassroots struggles that transcends current fabricated, oppressive constructs by sharing stories, skills, knowledge and radical analysis to dismantle destructive systems, and replace them with sustainable communities of resistance and collective liberation. We define the environment to include the physical, economic, political, and cultural conditions in which we live."

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SEAC connects student organizations who are doing Environmental Justice work around the country.

With a long standing history of striving for social justice within communities. Our regions will partner with local SEAC groups to carry out Environmental Justice work.

Respect My Vote! Coalition

We are working diligently with the Hip Hop Caucus to increase participation of the Future Voter this year. Respect My Vote! Brings groups from around the country together to discuss how to mobilize and educate communities regarding their vote. More information to come.

NBLSA is collaborating with numerous other non-profits and organizations to advance our goals this year.

NBLSA wants your help! Please contact a regional advocacy team member or the National Attorney General at for more information about how to support at a chapter level.

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