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Building Pipelines That Will Foster and Cultivate Our Emerging Leaders in Academia and their Careers

Academic Retreat

NBLSA is ensuring that we are at the forefront of creating brilliant legal trained minds that can effectively navigate in their academics and careers. Our Regional Academic Retreats are structured to provide our membership with the academic support that is necessary to thrive as a law student. They are held during the fall in each region.

E-Career Blog

The blog will have submissions from both professionals and members. Professionals will submit pieces highlighting their career and advice about career development that will benefit our members. Members will be able to submit an editorial piece commenting on any area of of the law or issues that law students face.

NBLSA-NBA Fellowship

This fellowship pairs NBLSA members with a section leader of the NBA that most relates to their professional goals. This fellowships creates a large network of attorneys for members to connect with that are currently working in their aspiring field, additionally members will have two writing pieces that can potentially be published.

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