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2014-2015 Write-On Competition

2014-2015 Write-On Competition


Thank you for your interest in a position with the Southern Journal of Policy and Justice (formerly SRBLSA Law Journal). Being a member of a law journal is an honor. Not only will you personally benefit from your experience with the Journal, but you will also deal directly with legal issues that affect the southern region. The Southern Journal of Policy and Justice (formerly SRBLSA Law Journal) is published once a year and gives each student an opportunity to be published. It affords students an opportunity to become familiar with the Bluebook®. Also, the legal research, writing and editing requirements will allow you to master Westlaw®, LexisNexis®, and other important legal research tools, which will allow you to hone the professional skills that are valuable to employers!
The 2014-2015 Editorial Board Application consists of five (5) parts, each weighed to allow selection of the best candidates for each position. Part I will include basic contact information. Part II will include basic proficiency and qualification questions. Part III will include a bluebook proficiency test. Part IV will include an honor pledge. Lastly, Part V consists of the write-on portion of the application. If you are applying for the Marketing Executive or Symposium Executive position, you need not complete the writing portion.

Prior to September 30th, 2014, all applicants chosen for the journal must submit a letter from the president of his or her local BLSA chapter confirming their status as a dues paying member.

General Information
The attached packet contains instructions and guidelines for preparation of a written analysis for submission to the Southern Journal of Policy and Justice (formerly the SRBLSA Law Journal) writing competition. These instructions are rules, not suggestions. They are mandatory requirements for all submissions. These rules will be strictly enforced in order to provide uniformity and impartiality throughout the evaluation process. Please read this information carefully before you prepare your legal analysis. Deviation from any of these procedures is grounds for disqualification.

Under no circumstance are you to discuss the writing competition case or your case note with anyone else. Nor are you allowed to contact the administrators of this prompt once the prompt is delivered. This is strictly forbidden. Failure to conform to this requirement will result in automatic disqualification. Any reference on social networking sites will also result in automatic disqualification from the competition.

To be considered for a position with the 2014-2015 editorial staff of the Southern Journal of Policy and Justice, applicants must successfully complete and submit an application form, honor pledge and written legal analysis of the fact scenario provided in the 2014 Write-On Competition packet. The 2014 Summer Write-on Competition is open to all rising 2Ls, all rising 3Ls, and LLM students in good standing who have completed at least 2 semesters of law school. Membership as a result of the summer write-on competition is an absolute one-year commitment. Further, please be aware that membership on the journal involves time-sensitive editing duties.

Submissions will be accepted from applicants of all NBLSA regions. Although there is no NBLSA membership requirement to submit an application, successful applicants must become dues-paying NBLSA members by September 30th, 2014.

Submissions must be double-spaced and typed in Times New Roman twelve-point font, 8.5 x 11 inch paper, and one-inch margins all around. Submissions may not exceed 10 pages in length and must be cited using endnotes instead of footnotes. The cover page is not included in the page count. Case notes must conform to the Bluebook (19th ed.) form of citation and you will also be expected to write your case note using primary and secondary sources.

Email your submission to by 11:59 p.m. CST on Saturday, July 12, 2014! No submissions will be accepted after this deadline.

Please download the 2014-2015 Write-On Competition Application here.

Corey Harris
University of Mississippi School of Law, Candidate for Juris Doctor 2015
Editor in Chief, Southern Journal of Policy & Justice,Volume IX

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