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2012-2013 Advocacy Initiatives

Voter Protection Information

Greetings MWBLSA Family!

As your 2012-2013 Regional Attorney General, I write to you to express my excitement for the upcoming year and inform you about MWBLSA's Advocacy Initiatives. This year the Midwest Region will work to align our walk with our talk. As the future lawyers of tomorrow, we are privileged to be in positions of great power, but with great power comes great responsibility. It is our responsibility to be both a voice for our community and an agent of positive social change. This year, I challenge each and every member of MWBLSA to get active and showcase the strength of the Mighty Mighty Midwest!


This year, the Midwest Region will focus on three major advocacy initiatives.

1.Voter Protection

September 2012- November 2012

2.Access to Education

November 2012- January 2013


January 2013- March 2013

Each initiative will be promoted within a specific timeframe to focus our efforts and increase our effectiveness. Local chapters may engage in activities that promote any initiative, at any point throughout the school year. However, during the time periods stated above, the Midwest Region will prioritize our resources toward the designated initiative.

For each initiative,

•We will educate ourselves through the dissemination of informational documents, briefs, policy
papers, fact sheets, webinars, etc.;

•We will stay up-to-date on pressing issues and hot topics by following the press, sharing social
media, and engaging in dynamic discussions, and;

•We will encourage one another to get active in our communities by exchanging ideas and

We need you!

The success of each initiative will be determined by the work accomplished on the local level. Members of each local chapter are encouraged to,

•Send articles, information, and pictures related to our current initiatives the MWBLSA Attorney
General at so that it cans be shared with the entire region,

•Plan and implement innovative activities to promote our current initiatives, and

•Share the great work being done in your chapter by filling out a short form here:

Once this information is submitted, we can share some inspiring stories with our entire MWBLSA community. This information will also be recorded to assist us in this year's determination of Chapter of the Year.

Look Out!

Be sure to lookout for the Advocacy specific workshops being offered at this year's Academic Retreats and Regional Convention.


Contact Candace Moore, MWBLSA Attorney General, at

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