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2013 SRBLSA Regional Convention Registration Fees

Early Bird Registration
Dates: September 1, 2012- December 1, 2012

SRBLSA Members & Delegates-$110.00

Regular Registration

Dates: December 1, 2012-January 27, 2013

SRBLSA Members & Delegates-$130.00

Final Regular Registration Deadline: January 27, 2013

All Periods

SRBLSA Mock Trial & Moot Court Competitors-$80.00

SRBLSA Competition Coach-Special

Additional SRBLSA Competition Coach-$80.00

SRBLSA Baliffs & Timkeepers-$50.00

SRBLSA Law Journal Members- $115.00

SRBLSA Pre-Law Division Members- $55.00

SRBLSA Alumni Members- $130.00

Former SRBLSA Board Members-$50.00

Former SRBLSA Chairs- Special

Non-NBLSA Members- $210.00

National & Regional Board Members-$80.00

National & Regional Chairs- Special

Gala Ticket- $55.00

Gala Table-$425.00

Reminder: All competitors and coaches must register for the SRBLSA convention in order to be eligible to compete.

Final Registration Deadline: January 23, 2013

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