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Welcome to a new year, MWBLSA family! I am honored to have been elected your new Midwest Regional Chair of the National Black Law Students Association and I know we will do some spectacular work in the Midwest! By now, all of you should have completed finals and are now beginning to enjoy the summer months. First and foremost, I want to thank Kevin Waklatsi, who was a tremendous individual to lead this region last year. Secondly, this email serves as an introductory email for the upcoming year and a call to action for vacant positions. Our theme for this year will be "United by Hope, Divided by Fear." The reasoning for choosing this theme is two-fold: (1) it is through a premise of hope, faith, and conviction that we are at our strongest to unite, and (2) it is through fear that progress can get sidetracked. This theme is a reminder of not only the promise for a better future, but also that we should remain strong without fear of doing what we know within ourselves to be right.

Grace Akinlemibola
Midwest Regional Chair
Chicago-Kent College of Law

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Upcoming Events
8 NovemberYoungstown State University Law Day Presidential Suite, Kilcawley Center (11:00 am-1:00 pm)
9 NovemberNational Asian Pacific American Pre-law Conference, Kansas City Downtown Marriott, 200 West 12th Street
29 Jan-2 Feb. 2014 MWBLSA Regional Convention

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